Speaking of not speaking of Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie died this past week.

You may not know who Dennis Ritchie is, but even if you are wholly devoted to your Apple products you owe more to Mr. Ritchie than you do to Mr. Jobs. You most certainly heard less about his death, as well.

Mr. Ritchie wrote C, the programming language that formed the backbone of modern computing. If whatever programs you are currently using weren't actually written in C they was most likely written in something directly based on, inspired by, or derived from it.

Oh but that's not all, Mr. Ritchie co-created UNIX, the operating system that is, well, in just about everything from our servers to your cell phones, and is even the basis for Mr. Job's Mac OS and therefore iOS.

In 1999, Bill Clinton presented Mr. Ritchie and his UNIX co-creator Ken Thompson with the National Medal of Technology, saying their creations "led to enormous advances in computer hardware, software, and networking systems and stimulated growth of an entire industry, thereby enhancing American leadership in the Information Age".

Mr. Ritchie was 70.