Vampire Prosecutor Episode 1: Thank you, Hulu

HuluPlus isn't that great, but I keep trying to justify purchasing it. I may not be able to watch Community on the XBox, but I can watch the plethora of Korean television Hulu has just added for me, and if I'm watching it, I should tell you, the internet, about it, shouldn't I?

A Trailer!

First up is a gem of a "drama" called Vampire Prosecutor starring Yun Jung Hoon, who is probably famous, as Prosecutor Min, a high powered Prosecuting attorney who has mysteriously become a vampire. He doesn't remember how, but that's not going to stop him from using his powers for good by (what I have to believe is illegally) joining forces with some police detectives in their own special investigations unit to punish powerful people who would normally be above the law (according to synopsis I read, but watching it I'm not to sure on how untouchable these people would be). I barely understand the American criminal-justice system, so watching the Korean version of Law and Order wherein Jack McCoy is also Lennie Briscoe and drinks blood...well I just have to assume this is all normal.

Speaking of drinking blood, our vampiric hero has some strange powers that I can only assume are aslo drawn from Korean culture in what is otherwise an incredibly westernized show. He's a daywalker with super strength, but beyond that his only power is that if he drinks the blod of a dead person he has a seizure then has a psychic vision of the last few things the dead person saw. At least he doesn't sparkle.

In this episode, Prosecutor Min puts together his team -- including the only person who knows his secret: Investigator Hwang -- then investigates the death of an 8 year old orphan girl who appears to have been killed by a vampire, having a neck wound and little blood left. But this isn't a vampire attack, and Prosecutor Min knows it because he investigate the last actual vampire attack seven years ago (it's when he got his powers maybe?)

So in a stunning disregard for the chain of evidence, Prosecutor Min drinks the blood sample the coroner told him to take to the lab. In an elevator. After breaking the security camera by looking up at it and punching it. Good thing know one checked that tape. His psychic vision reveals some dolls and a bed. So the investigation team gets to work looking for dolls and beds, even though most of them don't know what dolls or beds have to do with anything. Limiting his abilities like this is actually a good call, I guess, since otherwise it would come off like an episode of Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit.

Unsurprisingly, they solve the crime, and it wasn't a vampire but just a doctor who convinced a rich woman that transfusing the blood of a little girl into her body would keep her looking fit and young. A supernatural ending would actually feel less dumb. Then Inspector Min goes to a nightclub where everyone is dancing to a song about Call of Duty (which I have found for you, albeit not in the clip form the show). Then some mysterious guy in the back room gives him some blood and triggers a flashback to the night he became a vampire. The end!

There's a lot of bad jump cuts, and the show is a bit corny (as it pretty much has to be), but watching foreign television makes me feel cultured or something -- so far all i've learned about Korea is that everyone seems to be called by their job title all the time. Also, I'm pretty sure the subtitles on Hulu aren't the best translations that you could find. And that makes it all the better.

Also, this Camry commercial accompanies the show, and boydog do I love it: