I have a collection of things that should not exist.

There are two wings to the collection, the "what were they thinking" wing that contains the worst screen play I've ever read and a softball bat called the Lady Thumper (the women's version of the Worth Tennessee Thumper).

The other wing is full of racist literature I've found lying on the ground.

I keep that part to remind me that there are people in this world that think these things should exist. I keep them because these people are wrong, and I can't allow myself to pretend that these people don't exist.

link came up on my Tumblr the other day to a petition to ask MSNBC to fire Pat Buchanan because his new book is racist or otherwise offensive. I haven't read the book, but he's certainly said some questionable things in the past.

In support of his new book, Mr. Buchanan, it is said, has appeared on a white supremacist radio talk show. The information on my Tumblr dashboard insisted, without link or citation, that the host of the program has said that "MLK's dream is our nightmare" and that "interracial marriage is white genocide."

Sadly, this reminded me of a certain piece of literature I own two copies of. One I found in a plastic freezer bag lying in a parking lot outside of the gym at my college my sophomore year. The other I found the last week of my senior year in a high school parking lot down the street.


In this piece, Mr. Peter Peters asserts, among other things, that "interracial marriage is a violation of God's law and a communist ploy to destroy America." In that regard, besides demonizing Martin Luther King, Jr., he also praises Joe McCarthy. Of all the terribly absurd things in the booklet the most terrible and absurd has to be the comic in the last few pages:


Here MLK has apparently stolen a speech called "I have a scheme" since it is in someone else's handwriting. He crosses out scheme and writes dream, leading him to wonder about his own dreams of Scrooge McDucking some cash, sitting on a couch with some martinied-women, and being honored in The Hall of Great Communist Heroes which is behind the couch.

At first, I worried that perhaps someone had given Pete Petes a radio show, and that Pat Robertson had lent some amount of legitimacy to it, but thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case. Peter J. Peters died in July. Now I just worry about how many people in this country think like him.

I try not to let it depress me.