I got a new credit card.

It is a testament to America's greatness that I can have a larger credit limit than annual income, but that is beside the point of this post.

I had to call the credit card company to activate the cards (because they sent me two tied to the same account in case I get married or cloned or something). Had to call seperately, as well, which is why I only really activated one of them.

But anyway, the automated voice told me that to finalize everything I would be connected to the Utah Call Center so that someone in Utah could try to upsell me.

Now I don't mean to suggest that there are no foreigners in Utah (even though there clearly aren't), but the person who assured me that they were very happy to be helping me from Salt Lake City this evening was clearly Indian.

I don't care that you outsource, Discover. But if you're going to try to lie to me about it, don't try to sell it so hard. You sound like a four year old in trouble.