*DISCLAIMER:  I am not implying that any of these countries are anything less than awesome.  I am only saying that their flags could be more interesting. If you are from one of of these countries, please don't hurt me or my family.

  When you are busy founding a new country, it is safe to say that the design of your national flag is probably pretty far down on your list of priorities.  You've definitely got more important things to worry about than how many stripes to use and what colors would look best.  That being said, you can't just phone in your flag design.  The other countries at the UN will probably make fun of you if your flag looks like it was designed by an unoriginal 8 year old for social studies class.  With that in mind, here are four of the saddest flag designs that I encountered while looking through the CIA World FACTBOOK. 

#4 - Indonesia, Monaco, Poland and Ukraine

Unfortunately, our fourth place winner is actually a four way tie.  I found it impossible to decide which of these two-tone designs was the most unoriginal.  I am sure that when the founders of these nations were planning their flags this was not what they had in mind.  The probably gave the flag designer some money, told him the national colors and said, "Give us something with POP!"  Sadly, this is what that professional-flag-designer/con-artist came back with.  At that point, the flag committee was certainly over-budget and decided to go with the boring flag rather than miss their deadline.  Of course, I have no proof of first-hand knowledge of these events.  I'm just surmising based on the fact that no one in their right minds would make such disappointing flags without good reasons.

#3 - Japan, Bangladesh & Palau

As a current resident of Japan, I should start by saying that I love my adopted country and have every respect for it’s culture and history.  Moreover, I am sure that all of these flags have an amazing and monumental history behind them.  All of that aside, IT’S A CIRCLE!  It’s not a circle and some other stuff. It’s just a circle sitting alone on a uni-color field.  If you grade-school social studies teacher asked you to design a flag for your own country and you turned in a piece of paper with a single circle scribbled on it, you would fail and probably have a note sent to your parents telling them that you weren't applying yourself.  And even sadder, she would be right and you should be ashamed of yourself.

#2 - Cyprus

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this one.  The national flag of Cyprus is a silhouette of the Cyprus landmass.  This is equal in originality to the thousands of car washes in the US that are cleverly named “CAR WASH.”  In a certain respect, I guess the simplicity and directness of the design is to be commended.  In a different respect, it should be noted that the design reeks of desperation.  It leads one to suspect that Cyprus cracked this one out 10 minutes before their first UN meeting while muttering “Oh shit, oh shit oh shit...” under their breath.  

#1 - Libya

I would like to start by saying that I know nothing about Libya, its history or its culture.  For all I know, their flag is filled with rich and subtle symbolism.  Of course, that might be hard considering it is green.  It’s not green and some other stuff.  Its just green.  The term “field of” doesn’t apply because it can only be used if their is something on the “field.”  Instead, you can only say that the flag is green.  I am assuming that there were some very series budgeting concerns during the design process for this flag.  In fact, I am assuming that there was absolutely no budget during the design process.  I could be wrong though.  Perhaps there was a printing mistake that went uncorrected.  Perhaps there should be a unicorn fighting a dragon in front of an exploding volcano on that field of green.  If that’s the case, I hope the flag designer got the full “Doc Brown Treatment.”  I’m sorry Libya...

Everything I know about Libya...

Everything I know about Libya...