Now You're Cooking with The Adam Glass, Vol. 2: Lazy Cobbler!

I promised in the last installment that this time around I'd give you a recipe even lazier than Booberry Pie, so hold on to your couch cushions, and prepare to barely get off of them. Lazy Cobbler, you'll notice, isn't as puntastic as Booberry Pie, but I hope the subverted pun in the title of this series balances that out for you. Man cannot live on puns alone, so not every recipe can be made with wordplay.

On with the show!

Lazy Cobbler! Or, as my mother and probably a few thousand other people call it, Drop Cake.

Step 1: Gather the ingredients!

While I'm using a more expensive cake mix because I had it on hand, one of the benefits of Lazy Cobbler -- aside from being super easy to make -- is that it is made from ingredients you can buy for like five bucks total at Aldi. If you pop for the more name-brand versions of the canned goods you can be even lazier and not even have to bust out a can opener.

1 Box Yellow Cake Mix
1 Can Pineapple Chunks
1 Can Cherry Pie Filling
1.5 Sticks of Butter

Not pictured, but important to the process: a 9 x 13 cake pan and a working oven.

Step 2: Pour the pineapple chunks into the pan.

Step 3: Pour the cherry pie filling in there, too.R

Remember, it's called Drop Cake. Don't get too tied up in how evenly that stuff is dispersed.

Step 4: Pour on the cake mix!

OK, briefly ignore that last bit of advice, because it is kind of important to make a decent effort of evenly spreading the cake mix. Not like super important in that there's a way to actually ruin this, but important in that you need it all over the pan, not just piled up in one corner. I probably don't need to point that out, but I've worked in the hospitality industry long enough to know that common sense isn't.

Step 5: Slice that butter and put it all over the cake mix.

This is not a recipe for the OCD.

Step 5: Let that baby bake at 350 degrees for an hour.

During that hour you can take a nap or stare at a wall, or do what I did while making this and wonder why your landlord provided you with an old electric stove but a natural gas-powered clothes dryer. You didn't even know they made natural gas-powered clothes dryers. In fact, you didn't even realize the clothes dryer you were using for nearly a year was gas-powered until the incompetent gas company forgot to reattach the gas line to the dryer when they installed the new meter. Now you couldn't get a gas oven even if you wanted to, because the incompetent gas company pulled out the line that would have gone to the kitchen since it wasn't doing anything.

Ok! Lazy Cobbler is done when it looks like this!

Now you could make Lazy Cobbler with other ingredients, but make sure they are canned in some sort of juice or sauce. 1) Because you need the liquid. 2) Because it's just not as lazy if it doesn't come out of a can.