Announcing Lost in Criterion!

We here at With Two Brains have decided to embark on an epic journey that it will be almost impossible for us to finish. But what's life without a few insurmountable challenges?

We're going to watch every movie in the Criterion Collection then talk about them in a podcast called Lost in Criterion. Updates to Lost in Criterion should be released weekly on every Friday and the archives can be found by clicking the Lost in Criterion tab on the left, or this link right here. Since there are currently over 600 movies in the Criterion Collection and it grows continually, we look forward to talking about movie with you for the next 12 years or so.

The proper podcast will start up on this Friday, but as a fun introduction to the concept and a special Christmas present to you internet folk, we watched Die Hard and talked about it with our old friend Andy Heney. Give it a listen and be sure to join us for Lost in Criterion, every Friday from now until we die.