And Pop Art Spock watches over us.

When the historic Hotel Olympian, built in 1920, first opened the local paper claimed the new hotel had vindicated "Olympia's honor." While I'm sure that was not hyperbole at all at the time, the place is mostly apartments now with the ground floor housing some shops, an art gallery, and The Urban Onion.

My friends Alex and Noga (who took that picture of me and Spock over there) rather like the place and know how much I love old hotels and sparsely decorated restaurants, so we headed to The Urban Onion on a quiet Sunday afternoon last spring.

I ordered some lentil soup because the back of the menu had a small article on the century-old history of lentils in Washington, and a dish called "Jerry's Tacos"  because the front of the menu only described them as "finally on the menu" after 16 years. The food was all great, particularly the flatbread that Alex ordered, though Noga's reuben sandwich was offered with a "choice of turkey, ham, or pastrami." I recognize that the Pacific Northwest is a very different place from anywhere else at all, but none of those meats belong on a reuben, and a reuben should have other meat. I won't hold it against them. I'm more perturbed that of all the negative comments the place has on Yelp, that's not one of them. People will complain about anything except what you think they should.