Lost in Criterion travels through time and meets the Supreme Being this week.

We appeal to the authority of Dan Harmon a bit in this week's Lost in Criterion because he is a man who has opinions about Time Bandits and that particular 1981 Terry Gilliam fantasy film is on the agenda. I'd say we're returning the favor from the Harmontown Bloomington, IN, episode where a conversation with me and some friends about Lost in Criterion led Mr. Harmon to a small bit on Criterion and Armageddon. Though that wasn't really a favor, since Harmontown has a lot more listeners than we do, and Dan Harmon didn't acknowledge that he cribbed most of what he said from the podcasters he met in Pittsburgh the night before. To his credit he was drunk and sick the entire conversation so I'm surprised he even remembered what we said. I guess we should be proud we impressed on him. That being said, this episode was recorded before it was announced that Mr. Harmon is coming back to Community, and I think the world of television is a significantly better place with him working in it again.

Anyway, Time Bandits! It's a lovely film, especially if you saw it first as a boy, an advantage both Pat and I have as we were once young and are male. It's the first in a bit of a trilogy of Gilliam's with Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen about growing up. Brazil's coming up in Lost in Criterion in a few months. Munchhausen didn't make the cut.