"We Are Brothers" Is The Greatest Video Ever Made On The Internet

I've never really talked about this on the website but I have a severe aversion to what I have come to think of as the modern meme culture.  While I understand that the concept of a meme is as old as human social interaction and data distribution, I also recognize that the current iteration serves to do little more than voraciously devour the creative output of others while failing to appreciate it in any meaningful way.  I want it to be understood that my distaste for this mode of consumption has not stopped me from using social media and other websites based on user-generated content (I'm looking at you reddit) in order to find new and/or interesting content to enjoy.  I am just making this point because I want it to be known that I am usually opposed to using this website to further propagate the meme culture and shallow consumption of creative works.

All of that being said, there comes a time in a man's life when he experiences something powerful and inspiring enough to force him into actions he would not otherwise undertake.  The following video is one such experience.  

For those people who are incapable of reading the about section of youtube (perhaps due to a rare condition known as youtube about section blindness), the video was created or possibly birthed by two men for their brother's wedding. Also, it is the greatest video I have ever seen in my entire life.  Without further ado, enjoy!

I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me. 

You're welcome.