It's been a good year. I probably should have written this before Jan. 1st.

But I didn't. I don't want to brag -- internationally  recognize as a phrase directly proceeding a prideful statement that the speaker wants you to hear -- but I've had one of the best years of my life in 2013. Frustrating to no end as well, but amazing. Those go hand in hand sometimes.

With Two Brains moved into a new phase of internetting with out first podcast. Lost in Criterion has been a lot of fun, which is good, because the project won't be over for a decade or more.

Andy Heney, who was in the very first episode of Lost in Criterion, works for an airline and gave me the ability to list on standby for any flight for a nominal fee. Not free, but certainly less than I should have been paying. I didn't travel as much as I'd initially planned, but I saw more of this country than in any year previous. Thanks Andy.

The day he finally got me in I was tooling around the system and accidentally booked a flight to Seattle the next day. Not knowing if I could cancel or not, I called a friend who lives in Tacoma to see if I could crash on his couch. Turned out he and his wife had a whole guest room available and I checked another state off my travel list.

While there I had a couple of memorably restaurant experiences. I had planned to do a food blog to go with my new travel abilities, but even I get tired of looking at pictures of my own lunch. Sorry!

I celebrated a year of trolling the whole internet, 10 years of not thinking about high school, and my Grandfather's 85th birthday, which I only made it to because I booked a flight on my laptop while running between gates of the Pittsburgh Airport after seeing some of my favorite comedians perform.

I helped sail an air mattress down a river. I learned I'm a narcissist from a DNA profile. Was nearly put on a list by the TSA for having an expired ID.

Saw Foamhenge. And it was brilliant, thanks Amy.

Saw Oahu. And it was brilliant, thanks Kris.

I spent a day moving furniture around an old hotel for less than minimum wage. And it was not so brilliant, but the guy who had me do it isn't my boss anymore, so that in the end, I suppose it's ok.

I got hired as a freelance proofreader for an ad agency based solely on how well I did on their in-house test, no interview even. But then they still haven't actually sent me any work.

Always learning, always growing, always creating.

Always keep moving.

We've got a new project coming up that Jonathan Hape is helping out with: Time Warp Pizza Party, a blog and podcast dedicated to sharing that old work you like to pretend doesn't exist. Share some of yours with us?

2014 may end up being even better.