Another dispatch from the Drexel

Seeing Metropolis on a big screen might have been worth the price of admission. One of my favorite films from one of my favorite directors, Fritz Lang. Plus a longer cut than I'd ever seen before!

Movie #4 brought us Delicatessen, the 1991 French film from Jean-Pierre Jeunet - years before he'd go on to do Alien Resurrection and Amelie - and his partner Marc Caro. Apparently, this is a purposeful homage to the works of Terry Gilliam, which explains the tonality issues as bad as Gilliam's worst work. I don't know, I just don't like my post-apocalyptic cannibal films to have so much whimsy in them.

We're over an hour behind schedule, but I'm still going strong. The "Endless" coke I'm drinking (over a gallon so far) is helping. More caffeine and sugar in my system than I've had for years.

Stephen's added me to his video's, so extra reason to check those out!

Something called Infra-Man up next, and Akira at midnight. Check back for those updates!