Jean Cocteau is wrong, or at least disingenuous.

This week Lost in Criterion kicks off a trip through Jean Cocteau's "Orphic Trilogy" starting with his 1930 exploration of surrealism The Blood of a Poet. Cocteau himself claims that the film isn't surrealism since "surrealism didn't exist" and that's just one of the things Pat and I take issue with in this week's episode.

In that regard we change up the format and instead of just chatting about the film we take Cocteau's own words from a 1946 essay and respond sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. It might be a bit tedious, to be honest, but I promise our conversation would have been much shorter and less entertaining without the structure. Mostly because Pat has no patience for artistic pretension, and I've got only a bit that was stretched thin by the end of The Blood of a Poet. Give us a listen?