And then there was Fellini.

Federico Fellini is a director we have seen before and will see again as we move through the Criterion Collection and the attention he gets is well deserved. He worked as a screenwriter for a number of years prior to taking over the director's chair, and it is his first time at the helm that we find him this week. Well co-helm.

Variety Lights is a 1950 romantic drama co-directed by Fellini and Alberto Lattuada, featuring Fellini's long-term collaborator, wife, and all-around delight Giulietta Masina who would go on to more starring roles under her husband's direction. It's the story of a man who can't escape his low-rate acting troupe because he can't escape his cycle of chasing young starlets who become too big for his marquees. Fellini hit the ground running and never stopped. Well, until he died.

Variety Lights on this week's Lost in Criterion.