Speaking of Lame: "Landmark Advertising"

And we are not talking about commercials for Old Faithful. Oh no, something much more insidious.

There was a time when public art projects were a thing. We even have a few nice ones here in Columbus, check out this article from the Columbus Alive for some pretty examples. It will give you a nice point of contrast for what I'm about to show you.

To combat the rampant public beautification going on, Columbus has, in the last few years, started to allow advertising that dwarfs any of the murals.

Guerilla street artists like Banksy does what he does in order to take back public spaces for art. What would Banksy do faced with something like this?

By  jfsl3  via Flickr

By jfsl3 via Flickr

That's the sort of thing Orange Barrel Media brings to the table here in Ohio, barely skirting Federal laws about the square-footage of ads while simultaneously covering up historic architecture. OBM seems to believe they're making art themselves. Certainly they are creative. Infuriatingly so. Their pièce de résistance is the flagship of the Nationwide Insurance "Life Comes at you Fast" Campaign, which I'll point out does not grace the Nationwide Insurance headquarters, but is across the street and down the block:


That 11 story triptych has, fortunately, been pulled down after a solid decade towering above the city. But don't worry, OBM didn't let the space go to waste, and put up a similarly designed if more giant-hail-themed ad for American Family Insurance the next day.

Of course, their work is not just limited to these two buildings, but I'll let their video (with it's hip soundtrack) speak to just what else they have going on. Why yes, they did also turn the corner across the street from the State House into some quasi-Time Square horror. It helps remind the state government of who their true masters are.

The American Family Insurance ad, by the by, has itself been replaced. Nationwide, in this time of healthcare upheaval, needed a new message to remind it's subjects that it cares.


So now there's monstrous children in the sky. I'll remind you that government meddling is driving up the price of insurance, not this.