Have Yourself a Merry Little With Two Brains

This week's episode continues the tradition of Adam forgetting the title of the episode between the start and end. Oops.

Pat started watching the Librarian and the films (especially the films) compare unfavorably to Warehouse 13. Adam watched some Christmas specials, including A Muppet Family Christmas which is the best of the bunch no matter what anyone says, including Pat.

Warehouse 13 Is My New Happy Place

In reality, this short article should most likely be entitled “Adam Glass is a Genius and Pat Should Trust Him without Reservation.” But, it’s not. It’s called “Warehouse 13 Makes Me Giddy Like a School Girl.” It bears that title because it is also true and I don’t want to give Adam a big head about his recommendations.

About a week ago, I was chatting with Adam (an activity that takes up at least half of each Lost in Criterion recording session (I would have just written sesh for short but I’m not sure it makes sense in written form (Oh my God! I’ve nested so many parentheses (Dear Lord! Will it ever end? (Yes))))). If this article produces a parsing error in your mind, I’m sorry.  So, I was chatting with Adam about my overwhelming need for a new TV show to watch. This is not a new discussion between us. In fact, it comes up nearly every time. Adam has made numerous suggestions before and I have enjoyed most of them but none hold a candle to Warehouse 13.  


If you’ve never seen the show, it is essentially a much more lighthearted version of the X-Files or Fringe or any other shows of that ilk. What sets the show apart is a humor and self-awareness that is rare in these types of shows. Most of the shows I have watched that focus on the paranormal tend to take themselves far too seriously. Or on rare occasion, go way too far into the other end of the spectrum (the latter seasons of Stargate SG-1 (A show I loved dearly.) come to mind). Warehouse 13 strikes a good balance of paranormal bullshit and humorous acknowledgment of the bullshit. The show frequently points out its absurdities without ever addressing the camera and rolling its eyes. For me, that makes this a rare treat that I am watching during every possible moment of free time.

I only really have one major complaint about the show…


Claudia. At times, she can be a very nice character to watch but most of the time she isn’t. Most of the time she is playing a inauthentic spastic nerd girl character that I find annoying in any piece of media.  It calls to mind shades of Juno, Garden State and the like. I assume there is a TV Trope for it but I’m too lazy to find the link. Sorry.


All in all, I love the show and I feel that I owe Adam a huge thank you for recommending the show to me.

So… thank you Adam.

Also, thank you for not recommending True Detective. You’re a good man.

Please stop recommending it. I'll watch it when it is available from VOD services. Thanks.

Please stop recommending it. I'll watch it when it is available from VOD services. Thanks.