I am a Lump on the Butt of Society

Adam's been out of work for less than a week and already can't remember what day it is, but he can remember to anger a pizzeria owner and possible endanger a homeless gentleman by insisting the latter join him for dinner over objections from the former. The homeless man was probably the only one to make the right decision.

Talk of people leads to the guys reminiscing about the time they drove to Canada for lunch.

The Flash is still great, and Agents of SHIELD is...trying something? We hope all this "real SHIELD" stuff pays off. At least Edward James Olmos is on television again. Can't go wrong with that.

Ghost NPR

Adam's Blue Snowball USB microphone has been picking up some strange interference that Pat's learned to ignore, or enjoy. The science behind it remains a mystery. What isn't a mystery though, really?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is great. Pat and his son continue to explore Bob's Burgers. Adam watched a cartoon this week too, but it may not be appropriate for a 5 year old. And Agents of SHIELD has been back for a few weeks and we're finally talking about the worst super-power a character could have.