Cinema Credo Ep. 4: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Corinne Labita

Corinne’s spirituality is perhaps best described as varied. She’s a former Roman Catholic who reads tarot and runs Jungian Shadow work courses. We sit down to talk about Michel Gondry’s fantastic 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and talk about the importance of remembering and forgetting in forming relationships with films and with people, and ultimately recognizing the good and the bad and pressing on.

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Cinema Credo Ep. 3: Death to Smoochy with Jonathan Hape

Musician Jonathan Hape, who has been on a number of episodes of Lost in Criterion and does the music for that show, sits down with me to talk about the Danny DeVito-directed, Edward Norton and Robin Williams-starring Death to Smoochy, a movie that he says is not nearly as dark and misanthropic as even the scant positive reviews painted it on its 2002 release. We talk sincerity and pressing forward, and I may become the first person to mention Smoochy and Dostoevsky in the same breath.

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Cinema Credo Ep 2: Groundhog Day

Episode 2 of Cinema Credo finds me sitting down with Stephen Goldmeier (@makingarecord) to talk about a film he and I have seen together many, many times as part of the Gateway Film Center’s annual marathon. While it is a movie I enjoy and have seen a lot, it holds a deeper place in Stephen’s life. Let him tell you about it on this month’s Cinema Credo at or wherever you find your podcasts.

Announcing Cinema Credo

Throughout six years of watching Criterion films with Pat I've often thought about starting a sister podcast in with a much more overtly religious/philosophical tinge. Religious movies fascinate me, not only from main stream directors -- the works of Dreyer, Scorsese's religious work, things like mother! or First Reformed -- but also the often much less artistic films from more overtly religious sources, like, say, Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas or God's Not Dead. I didn't want to make a bad movie podcast, though, nor one that only talked about prestige film as much of that would just rehash Lost in Criterion conversations.

So I've settled on Cinema Credo, a podcast where I invite anyone willing to talk to me about the film with the deepest religious meaning to them, however it is that they interpret "religion" or "meaning"

For Episode 1 I’m talking to Christian monk Br. Thomas Stama about The Last Temptation of Christ, Long time Lost In Criterion listeners may recognize that I shared some of Tom’s incite in our own episode on that film in 2014. He’s an old friend, and I’m grateful to have him for this first episode.

Since I'm letting my guests define the tone of the conversation, this may be the most explicitly Christian episode we'll have. Already on the recording docket are conversations on Groundhog Day, Death to Smoochy, and the 2012 Will Ferrel/Zach Galifianakis political comedy The Campaign. It's going to be an interesting ride.

Check out or iTunes, Spotify, etc. for the continuing saga. I hope to put out episodes monthly.