Analytical Platypus Live at NAPS

Jonathan Hape (cohost of Time Warp Pizza Party and composer for Lost in Criterion) and I have an improvisational Dada rock band. Our bass player is a Super Nintendo playing Mario Paint and our guitarist is whoever can make it but usually Matt Potts or Donovan Hill (who needs to be on Lost in Criterion more).

Anyway, we played a show at National Audio Preservation Society in Newark, OH, at a Halloween party. Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein was on the TV and I totally watched it while we played deconstructed Led Zeppelin covers while dressed as Led Zeppelin. Nick Rowe filled in as our Jimmy Page for the night.

Anyway, it was all glorious and the audio is now available on the Analytical Platypus bandcamp page. Download the whole album for $300 or each of the six tracks for $1 each.