It's Christmas Eve! We've been Lost in Criterion for a year!

Let's celebrate with a non-Criterion film!

We're joined this week by some friends you've met before and some you'll hopefully see again: Donovan Hill is back, as is Stephen Goldmeier. Joining us freshly are Stephen's pop culture blog and podcast partner Andrew Tobias (check out Enchantment Under the Sea and their podcast Hang on to your Butts) and filmmaker Wrion Bowling who wrote and directed one of the best indie Sci-Fi dramatic thrillers I saw last year: Shelter.

All these folks come together for Renny Harlin's 1990 action film Die Hard 2: Die Harder, the sequel to our Christmas movie that kicked off this little project last year. Ah, sentimentality. And violence!

With Two Brains has some big plans coming in the near future, plus our continued march through the Criterion Collection. Thanks for listening and reading. Hope you're enjoying it as much as we are. Well, when we're not watching Salo.