Yet Another Small (Though Indicative) Lesson on Columbus, Historical and Architectural

Sometimes Columbus isn't a terrible place to live. While we might tear down nice looking old things and put up not as nice looking new things, at least we do it out of optimism.

Blind, chasing your hat in a hurricane optimism.

Back in 1973 the Motorists Mutual Insurance company decided to build a new headquarters. In anticipation of the ever-expanding downtown skyline, Motorist decided that their building should be a half mile away from any other tall buildings. OK, I stretch the truth a bit, the Midland Building, which is only 6 ft shorter than Motorists' 286 ft and was completed three years earlier is only .3 miles down Broad Street. It's still the closest building that comes even close to it's height.

Mortists wasn't discouraged by the lack of vertical development nearby, though. When life gives you lemons you just buy up every disused building around your skyscraper and turn them into parking lots (and one three story parking garage).

My favorite part is the house on the right, there. The one wholly surrounded by Motorists-owned surface lots that no one else can park in without being towed.