Checking in from The 31st Annual Ohio 24 Hour Sci-Fi Marathon

I've barely slept for days, but I'm dedicated to staying up for 24 more hours! Go me!

So far we've gotten Earth vs The Flying Saucers, a 50's alien invasion flick that is as campy as any other. It's pretty average for what it is. Aliens show up, America attacks, aliens ask why but it's too late to apologize. Finally we win. Harryhausen did the special effects though, so that's awesome.

Next up we had The Quiet Earth from New Zealand (1984). Amazing apocalypse film. Really smart, really engaging. Couldn't even be bothered to nod off at all, too interested.

Here with Stephen Goldmeier of Enchantment Under the Sea who's stopped in for a few episodes of Lost in Criterion. He's doing video updates on his youtube if I can find it. I'll look later.

I'll try to check in again later. 20 hours to go!