Welcome back.

"Part performance art, part inside joke, hesingsthethemes may not get the vote of approval from Justin Timberlake, but as far as Urlesque is concerned, the kid's a star!" -- Urlesque.com

"I cannot stop watching this dude's videos in which he poorly attempts to sing TV show theme songs, adding an eerie, bizarre, or downright tragic motif." -- BuzzFeed.com

"He kind of seems like he's being forced to do that at gunpoint. It'll be one of the plot devices in Saw XVI." -- Videogum.com

10 years ago tonight I worried a lot of my friends when I started posting weird videos of myself singing television theme songs. But the internet loved me, though mostly on websites that while big at the time don't really exist in the same format anymore.

Anyway, I made another.

Welcome back.