Lost in Criterion finds a thing it should have already found.

Writer/director/actor Jacques Tati's M. Hulot character exists in the continuum between Keaton and Mr. Bean. Stephen Fry essentially plays him in Gosford Park. Wes Anderson directed a Japanese commercial starring Brad Pitt as Hulot. The point is, he's endearing and enduring and wonderful.

This week we watch the first of three films in a row featuring the character, and they just keep getting better and better. Up first is the debut: 1953's M. Hulot's Holiday.

Have a listen.

This week we watch Rushmore and have a little party.

Pat was in America last August and it happened that Rushmore was on the docket -- we used to work a lot further ahead than we do now -- so we called some old friends together and talked about Wes Anderson's sophomore work. It's a pretty good mix of minds

We've got folks who love the film to death (Jonathan Hape, who does our music and cohosts Time Warp Pizza Party, and his wife Casey), we've got folks who aren't too keen on it (Pat), we've got Donovan Hill who cannot feel love, and our dear friend Amanda Morant shows up to speak in a fake British accent a lot. I hope she comes back.

Anderson's latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, opens in Columbus this weekend, so I'll probably be seeing that later today and we'll no doubt be talking about it in a decade for another episode of Lost in Criterion, since all his movies seem to end up in the collection. But for now we've only made it to Rushmore. Give us a listen?