Fishing with John

Further expanding our definition of what The Criterion Collection is collecting -- though in a different direction than the last episode to question it -- comes a television show. John Lurie created, directed, starred in, and composed for this series of fishing trips, and emphasis on the word trip. Fishing companions -- is it still fishing if you never catch anything? -- include Jim Jarmusch, Matt Dillon, Tom Waits, Willem Dafoe, and Dennis Hopper in six episodes of mundane fishing action and epic visualization, scoring, and narration.

Originally aired in 1992 on IFC and Bravo nearly a decade before we knew that either of those channels exist, Fishing with John has become a bit of a cult hit. Still have no idea why Criterion's released it on two different occasions, though. Whatever the reason, Adam and Pat loved Fishing with John so much that they cut this episode a bit short -- it's only 40 minutes -- to keep from just repeating their favorite bits and laughing at the memories.