It's the episode you've all been waiting for. Since we made it through Pasolin's Salo this was the next film of dread albeit for (thankfully) different reasons. But still dread nevertheless.

Armageddon is Michael Bay's 1998 sophomore work that challenges our understanding of what The Criterion Collection is actually collecting. We come up some good justifications with this week's special guest Stephen Goldmeier whose pedigree we forgot to mention in the episode: former contributor to io9 and currently blogging pop culture at Enchantment Under the Sea (and podcasting with EUTS's Hold on to Your Butts). We also complain a lot. Because there is so much to complain about. So very much.

Bewilderingly Armageddon was nominated for four Academy Awards and won two Saturn Awards (including tying for Dark City for Best Sci-Fi Film). Less bewilderingly it was nominated for seven Razzies, though only won one.