For All Mankind

While released in 1989, Al Reinert's documentary For All Mankind is actually made up of footage from every Apollo mission shot by NASA itself, and often by the astronauts involved. In a weird but oddly appropriate narrative choice, Reinert then edited all this video together as if they were one mission, albeit one with a few dozen different astronauts.

The focus here, as the title suggests, is that the Apollo missions were an achievement for humanity, not just for the individuals involved (though it is presented from their rather personal stories from the trips) or the nation that sponsored it (though one scene is devoted to raising the American flag). There is also an underlying focus of the beauty of earth from space. It's not a jingoistic or narcissistic tale, but a back-pat for every human being in history. The documentary style only tends to make the excitement, trepidation, and wonder of the achievement all the more raw.