And God Created Woman

This week we're watching Roger Vadim's 1956 And God Created Woman, a festival of slut-shaming and misogyny that launched the career of Vadim's then wife, Brigitte Bardot. Other than that it's not a very noteworthy film, though I can't say I dislike it as a whole. It's actually an interesting companion piece to Chasing Amy, in that the female lead isn't given the treatment she deserves and the male leads are dumb and learn dumb lessons. At least Kevin Smith seems to have been trying to change: Alyssa walks away from her mistreatment, Juliette just gets "sense" beat into her. One gets the feeling that Vadim was just trying to use Bardot for his own purposes even while making a film where everyone else is just using her for their own purposes. Bardot ultimately turned that around and became famous using her sexuality to her own advantages (even if she's ultimately used her fame for some pretty terrible things.)