Ivan the Terrible Parts I and II

We're combining two films this week, in part because they are the first two chapters of a planned trilogy (wikipedia even lists them as one film) and in part because one of the films does not exist as it's own proper Spine number in the Criterion Collection.

Sergei Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible (Part I 1944 and Part II 1958) is an historical epic about Josef Stalin's favorite Czar, and an early unifier of all of Russia, or all the Russias, as the case may be. The first film I'm sure Stalin loved as it paints Ivan as a strong leader with clear Stalinesque parallels. The second dives into the man's troubles and violent treatment of just about everyone he could treat violently, and Stalin stopped appreciating the comparison. Which is why the Part II wasn't released until five years after Stalin's death (and, sadly, ten years after Eisenstein's).