Tokyo Olympiad

In this week's episode I blatantly steal John Hodgman's brilliant joke about the four elemental hockeys -- much to Pat's confusion -- and forget to credit him. I meant to, I swear, but the conversation got away from me. I'm sorry. Anyway, I'll count it as turnabout for the time he published a picture I took in a book (That Is All, Figure 141, Page 827) and then accidentally credited someone else for it. He has since graciously fixed my copy, and so I have to fix my own citation issue.

Now that that's out of the way.

Kon Ichikawa was hired by the Japanese government to film the 1964 Tokyo Summer Games and the film he turned is in brilliant, agonizing, hilarious, so very, very, very human, and generally hated -- at least initially -- by his bosses. Tokyo Olympiad (1965) is perhaps -- and I think fellow non-sports buff Mr. Hodgman may agree -- the greatest sports documentary ever made.