Mea culpa.

Last September we accidentally skipped posting Spine 91: The Blob and Spine 92: Fiend Without a Face, two very different examples of sci-fi horror from 1958. The problem went unnoticed until this past week when listener Andrew M. emailed us to ask what was going on.

While the episodes were watched and recorded at the proper time multiple failures on Pat and my parts led to the oversight. We're sorry for that! They have both now been added to the archive in their proper places, so the iTunes/RSS feed should look like they were always there.

We had a lot of fun with both movies, and as they are both shorter episodes (around 45 minutes a piece) we elected to post them into their place in the archive instead of rolling them out as normal episodes. Each can be found via the links below.

The Blob

Fiend Without a Face

Sorry again, and thanks again to Andrew M. for drawing our attention to this.