Pepe le moko

Julien Duvivier's Pepe le Moko (1937) is a bit of an early influence on film noir, but also a solid example of poetic realism. Though mostly it's a subtly racist tale about a young woman who falls for a murderer and the police conspiracy to kill him. It's beautifully shot, if nothing else, and holds a dear place for me as Graham Greene's inspiration for writing The Third Man

The Grand Illusion

Welcome to the first episode of Pat and Adam's adventure through the Criterion Collection. This was originally recorded as a test to see what would happen if we tried, so our apologies that this episode is a bit rough. They do get better. They also get shorter. After this test we decided to shoot for 45-60 minutes episodes. This one is a bit over that.

In this episode we discuss Jean Renoir's La Grande Illusion, a 1937 French (anti) war film that neither of us had ever heard of let alone seen. That's going to be a common description for many of the movies to come. Listen in to see what we thought, and feel free to comment with thoughts of your own.