Hearts and Minds

I don’t often talk about our recording schedule, but this week’s episode is already terribly dated for terrible reasons. Pat and I watched Hearts and Minds, Peter Davis’s 1974 documentary on the Vietnam War, way back in September. I actually watched it on the 11th, because I don’t want to be happy.

The world has changed a lot, even in the last eight weeks. On the one hand, we recorded this so long ago because Pat took paternity leave for the birth of his second child. On the other, the concerns of continued militarization of Japan Pat expresses in the episode have come to fruition, and it’s a bitter fruit. I rhetorically ask what it will take to forget the lessons we learned from the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, like we forgot the lessons of Vietnam -- naively suggesting that those wars are over and that we actually learned a lesson -- and it seems we may now have an answer.

I am so tired of waiting,
Aren't you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?
(Tired, Langston Hughes)

This might be our most controversial episode. Maybe it won’t. Saló actually seems to have a pretty big head start on that front. Maybe the people who listen to us are more into film than politics. Often the two are intrinsically linked.

Much like that time we talked about Do the Right Thing, this is a depressing episode that is even more depressing for how timely it is - how timely it will always be.