The Night Porter

Oh goodness.

Liliana Cavani's 1974 film The Night Porter.

I would rather watch Salo again.

As this is the Spine 59, Pat and I spend some time ruminating on the fact that it took long enough for Criterion to get a female director into the collection. But then we don't accept her for who she is and what she wants to do. Is that wrong of us? I suppose so. Cavani is no feminist director. She doesn't need to be, though. She is who she wants to be. I'd have preferred that Criterion's first release from a female director actually pass the Bechdel test, for one, and wasn't a holocaustsplotation film, for two. Should we hold it against her that she didn't make the film we would have wished she'd made? Certainly not. That's incredibly unfair and patronizing.

But we will hold it against her that she made a film with no redeeming qualities at all.

Salo, at least, had a point I could grasp.