Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Every year we break out of the normal Criterion Collection journey for a special end of year episode watching a non-Criterion film that takes place at Christmas for no discernible reason. We've done Die Hard, Die Harder, and Lethal Weapon the past few years. As always we're joined by dear friends -- that's important this time of year -- and this time around frequent guest Stephen Goldmeier and award-winning journalist Andrew Tobias join us in watching Christmas-fetishist Shane Black's 2005 directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It's really fun.

It's been a good year on Lost in Criterion. We kicked things off with the Collection introducing us to the masterful comedy of Jacques Tati, we sat in awe of Carl Th. Dreyer, and we were generally disappointed by the collaborations of David O. Selznick and Alfred Hitchcock. We laughed and cried with the Czech New Wave, and broke into the 21st Century with some frankly brilliant films.

Thanks for listening! Have a wonderful end of the year (of the Gregorian calendar, at least) however you celebrate it! We'll see you next year with our regularly scheduled Lost-ness.

Lethal Weapon

Every year we here at Lost in Criterion take a break from the hustle and bustle of Criterion-ing and settle in for a special episode talking about a classic Christmas film that's not in the Criterion Collection.

This year we're decking the halls with Richard Donner's Lethal Weapon. Perhaps the best that can be said for this movie is that it led to screenwriter Shane Black's great career, and since that man's got an obvious obsession with setting movies at Christmas for no reasons I'm sure we'll see him for Christmas Specials Future! Can't wait!

Sam Martin joins us, marking possibly the first time we've had a guest who's actually listened to the show before. Check out his great band 99 Spirits over on the facebooks.