The 1st Time Warp Pizza Party

With2Brains is proud to present a brand new podcast!

As writers, musicians, artists, creators of all sorts, we’ve all got work in our past what we’re ashamed of, work we wouldn’t want anyone to ever see. Maybe it’s in attachments in old emails, maybe it’s in a box at your parent’s house, or a pile of video tapes in the back of your desk drawer, but it’s all somewhere, because despite it representing an immature period of your creativity, it’s still yours and you can’t get rid of it.

We want to set it free.

Time Warp Pizza Party is a blog and podcast dedicated to turning out archives and airing old laundry. Yeah, you were bad in the past. You were a child. You’re supposed to be bad. Own it. Share it. Let it point to what you’re doing now.

In this first episode hosts Adam Glass, John Patrick Owatari-Dorgan, and Jonathan Hape share some of their own writing from the past.

In the next episode, we hope to feature yours. Submit something?